Cookery classes

Mrs. Yvonne Fernando conducts classes on a variety of cuisine from Authentic Chinese cookery, desserts, pastry and bread making, Indian cooking, Asian menus, Sri Lankan, Mexican, Thai, ltalian etc. to tea time snacks and cup cakes for any occasion. If you would like to be a part of the experience of watching and participating first hand in the way of creating a myriad of cuisine and taking home the share of the culinary treats then you should call her and register on 2589771.

New Menus

Authentic  Chinese  Cuisine     3 lesson

Continental  Cuisine                  3 lessons

Indian Cuisine                       3 lessons

Sri Lanka Cuisine                  3 lessons

Desserts                               3 lessons

Cake Mixing and Baking        4 lessons

Cake Decoration                  12 Lessons

Asian cuisine                         3 Lessons

Gateaux                              3 Lessons

Thai cuisine                         2 Lessons

Mexican                              2 Lessons

Italian cuisine                      2 Lessons

Christmas  Menu with Turkey

Pastry making                    3 Lessons

Bread Magic                       2 Lessons

Short eats                          2 Lessons

cup cakes                           2 Lessons


One Day Classes

Meal in a bowl

Baked crab


Malaysian – Nasi Kuning Menu



Pure Vegetarian

Varanasi   Biriyani


Main Meals Salads

Moroccan  Cuisine

Steam Cakes

Indian Street Food

Tea Time Favourites



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